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Cancellation and Refunds

How can I cancel my order ?

You can cancel your order any time you wish before the cut-off time. In order to cancel the order please contact our customer support team at +91-1140844612. This phone number is also registered on whatsapp for business. You can contact us on this phone number on whatsapp as well.

Can I cancel individual items in my existing order ?

You can cancel individual items in your order till the cut off time. In case the cut off time is passed, you can return the items at the time of delivery.

Would you accept returns if the item is found to be defective ?

We follow a no questions asked returns policy. Please call our customer care or send a whatsapp to us within 48 hours of delivery. We shall arrange for a pick up and a full refund as per our refund policy.

Upto what time can I file for a return ?

  Product Category   Returns policy if product not damaged
  Non-food items   Please call within 48 hours of delivery
  Packaged food   Please call within 48 hours of delivery
  Bread   Returns only at point of delivery
  Dairy   Returns only at point of delivery
  Fruits & Vegetables     Returns only at point of delivery

How will I get my money back in case of cancellation/returns ?

You get it returned to the satvacash wallet by default. In case you want it to be credited in the original payment mode, please send a message to the customer care and we will be able to process a refund in the credit card/debit card/netbanking account that you used during the transaction. Please do note that for refunds to original payment mode, a turn around time of 8 to 10 working days is required by our payment gateway partner and your bank. This period does not include weekends and public holidays. For COD transactions, please contact our customer care we will arrange for a netbanking transfer into your account.

How long does it take to process a refund

We usually process the refund within 3 working days of cancellation. However, it may take slightly longer to reflect in your account statement depending upon your bank.