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24 Mantra Organic Mustard Small 100G

24 Mantra Organic Mustard Small 100G

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100 % Organic Grown without synthetic Pesticides Grown without synthetic GMOs Unadulterated Aromatic Anti-oxidant rich Anti-inflammatory Good for digestion

Mustard (small) is a condiment widely used as a spice in various cuisines. The mustard seeds by 24 mantra are organic with better aroma and flavour. These small mustard seeds possess numerous benefits. They are highly nutritious and low calorie spice. The seeds are antibacterial and antiseptic in nature. The nutrient called selenium is present in small mustard seeds, which makes them anti-inflammatory. 24 mantra's mustard (small) seeds are an effective remedy for migraine. It helps in improving ones metabolism and digestion. In Indian cuisine, it is used in vegetables and curries to give tarka (tempering). They have also found their way as an ingredient in mayonnaise and sauces. It also helps in boosting ones appetite. They are a rich source of calcium, manganese, zinc, protein, omega 3 fatty acids and dietary fibre. We at 24 mantra brings you the best organic spices and ingredients. All out products are organic certified.