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Message from Rahul - Founder & CEO - Satvacart

Dear Customer, 
I am the founder of Satvacart, Rahul.
I understand there has been a significant inconvenience to you today due to our deliveries running late and customer care calls not getting answered. 
I want to keep you updated of happenings at our end through this email.
  • Our delivery team was manhandled by local Police officials yesterday. 
  • One of the delivery vehicles was damaged in lathi charge and a delivery boy met with an accident with a car while trying to escape from the Police’s lathi charge.
  • We escalated this to the District Commissionerate and senior officials in the Police department. We were assured a safe passage by the administration and a communication sent to all Police Stations that vehicles of Satvacart should not be stopped.
  • Due to the incidents of yesterday half of our delivery force did not arrive for deliveries today, scared that they will be beaten up. 
  • Today again, a delivery boy was thrashed again by a Police official. He was also threatened to be put in Jail if he was seen again on the road.
  • We escalated this to the district administration and were again assured that this has been taken care of. 
  • The delivery boys continued doing deliveries post this, despite a constant fear that they could be manhandled again.
  • However with intervention of DCP HQs and Deputy Commissioners’ office, we were able to complete certain deliveries.
  • We are glad to let you know, that we were able to help with the following
    • A Covid-19 Quarantined individual aged more than 65 years get rations for his family. 
    • A lady that did not have her rations in place and had been waiting for groceries to prepare breakfast for her 6 year daughter and 70 year old mother in law.
  • Our team tried to deliver as many orders as possible, with even the injured employee from the incident yesterday putting in a hand. Unfortunately we haven’t been able to deliver all the orders.
  • As a result, we are rescheduling these orders for tomorrow.
  • While all this has been happening we have been able to get additional delivery and order processing capacity which should go live within the next 3 days. This will help us reduce the surge pricing and get it back to our standard fee of free shipping above Rs 500 and Rs 35 for orders below that value.
  • We have also been able to arrange for additional inventory that would help us get more number of products delivered per day.
  • I do understand this inconvenience is not expected out of a brand like Satvacart. However some of these cases have been completely out of control. In times like this when most offline stores are closed and our friends in the industry having paused operations our obsession for customer service does not allow us to give up trying.
  • I want to assure you that we are doing whatever best is possible to get the operations back in shape again
  • The team will be changing all delivery slots for deliveries today to tomorrow and will try to move all delivery slots earlier than what it was today.
  • You would get an email from the system shortly confirming the delivery slot.
  • In case you want to cancel the order and claim a full refund, please do let us know at
We look forward to serving most of you tomorrow and in times to come. In case of any queries or in case you think you could help extend a hand to help us out, please feel free to reach me.
With Best Regards,
Rahul Hari
Founder & CEO