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BerriNutty Super Trail Mix 250gm

BerriNutty Super Trail Mix 250gm

Rs. 399

Quick Overview

Hi! I am Berri Nutty Super Trail Mix! A super, snappy, scrummy yummy mix – lightweight, healthy, nutritious. Grab me for a quick energy & immunity boost with combination of amazing goodness of choicest & hearty premium dried fruits & berries. Indulge in mindless eating with a premium blend of almonds, cashews, black raisins & cranberries loaded with antioxidants, protein, fiber, zinc, magnesium. Comes in a Bio-degradable Pack for the love of our environment. Nuttyliciously Yours! Ingredients: Californian Non Peril Almonds Ingredients: Californian Whole Dried Cranberries Ingredients: Afghani Seedless Raisins & Indian W240 Cashews BIODEGRADABLE PACK:- All our packaging is 100% Biodegradable ALMONDS :- Californian Non Peril Almonds, Slightly Roasted without salt and oil for a natural taste CASHEWS :- Indian Jumbo W240 Cashews, Slightly Roasted without salt and oil for a natural taste CRANBERRIES:- Whole Dried Californian Cranberries, Dried Naturally without sugar and oil RAISINS:- Afghani Seedless Raisins, Dried Naturally without sugar.