Fruits and Vegetables Disinfectant Tablets Pack of 50 BodyGuard

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"Fruits & vegetables Disinfectant tablets

● Purify water
● Disinfect Fruits & Vegetables

Effective Disinfection of Non-Peelable Fruits, Vegetables.

Directions for USE:

1. Take a tablet from the bottle with dry hands & replace the bottle cap immediately.
2. Put one tablet in 20L water & let it dissolve (for more details refer to leaflet inside the box).
3. Put fruits & vegetables (after removing any visible mud/dirt/leaves) in the prepared solution and leave them in for 10 minutes.
4. Remove the produce from the prepared solution & store in the refrigerator after removing excess water and air drying.
5. Rinse fruits & vegetables properly with drinking water before cooking or consumption.

Disinfectant tablets can also be
Used for:

Floor & surface disinfection
Mix 1 tablet in 10 L water for mopping floors at home
& office.

Utensil disinfection
Mix 1 tablet in 20 L water for soaking non porous Utensils (steel, melamine, bone china etc) Rinse after 10 minutes. Ideal for catering & food industry.

Disinfect water in overhead tank
1 tablet in 500 L water of overhead tanks, fit for Domestic use after 30 minutes. Ideal for contaminated water supply.

Camping & outdoors
1 tablet in 200 L water from natural water sources, can be used for bathing, cleaning, cooking after 30 minutes

● ISO certified
● FDA approved
● GMP compliant"