Triphala Shots By Kiva

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Benefits: Digestion

Description :

Triphala is literally "tri-phal" - an equal mixture of the herbs Amalaki (Amla without seed), Bibhitaki, and Haritaki. It has been a mainstay of traditional ayurveda as a booster of digestion. All traditional systems of medicine, and certainly Ayurveda, place utmost emphasis on keeping our digestive processes running smoothly. Improper digestion is connected to nearly all ailments. If we had to sum up our reading of ayurveda in one line, it would be that "good digestion is the foundation of good health."
We recommend a single shot after the last meal of the day. You'll thank us the next morning :-).

Ingredients :
Amla Juice, Baheda Juice, Harar Juice, Fennel Extract, Cumin Extract, Honey, Water, Preservative (E211) (0.01%)